TOP Events - 1st Session

“桃浦大楼” 将在7月3日向公众全面开放.

“桃浦大楼由”桃浦当代艺术中心主办. 由一系列不同形态的艺术项目组成.涵盖了展览、戏剧、音乐、对话、研讨会、艺术家工作室开放等全面的当代艺术活动。在同一时间、同一现场,告诉你关于当代艺术的一切!

邮编:200331 电话:+86 21 62504569

桃浦大楼的背景资料: “桃浦大楼”是”未来的节日”的平行项目

“未来的节日”是上海艺术家群体自发组织的讨论活动. 开始于2011年2月,为期一年。



TOP” is a big building. It is also a venue where art events happen.
“TOP Events” will be open to the public on July 3rd.

Numerous art projects, organized by TOP Contemporary Art Center, consisting of exhibitions, theatrical and music performances, dialogues and discussions, artists studio openings, and other contemporary art activities will be held in “TOP”. Come and enjoy this wave of contemporary art in this place, at this time!

Organizer: TOP Contemporary Art Center
Organizing committee: Ding Li, Jin Feng, Shi Qing, Yang, Zhenzhong, Xu Zhen, Zhou Xiaohu
Opening time: July 3rd, 2011, 16:00-19:00
Exhibitions dates: July 4th to 31st, 2011, Everyday 14:00-17:00
Venue: TOP Bldg 5, 18 Wuwei Road 200331 Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 62504569

Background: TOP Events and Future Festival

“Future Festival” is an art activity initiated in February 2011 by a group of artists in Shanghai, that will last for one year.

The topic of “Future Festival” was inspired from French poet Mallarmé who said that the role of the artist is to prepare for future projects. This quotation allude to a certain reversion in contemporary art action, suggesting that participating artists turned from the act of criticizing and making experiences to a new attitude of bidding, gathering and mingling.

During this period, discussions between local artists and a philosophy professor (Lu Xinghua), as well as interviews in artists’ studio and exhibitions will be held. This continuous symposium is more than a simple combination between philosophy and art, the organizers insist on the fact that: it is neither a talk, nor an exhibition, neither an art project, nor one of those academic topics we were used to, an inertia processing in an experienced thinking. It responds to art introspection, surprises, conflicts of opinions, differences, and unknown. Everyday becomes a festival. It is actually more a final festival, a kind of decisive conviction.

From July to October, TOP Building in The Outstanding Park, Shanghai, will embody this conviction. Contemporary artists, architects, poets, musicians, philosophers, etc will present in their own way their practices through various projects.

On July 3rd, the first leaflet gathering “Future Festival” discussions will be distributed.

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