Site-specific Installation

Yang has replaced Arrow Factory’s original glass façade with a stark wall and barred fenestration. The size and placement of the window is reminiscent of residential dwellings, however instead of a domestic scene within, the view through the vertical bars features a two-way mirror confronting visitors with their own reflected image. Toying with dichotomies of inside versus outside, the caged window provides an ambiguous statement as to which side of the barrier is the interior and which is the exterior. Yang further addresses our selfie-obsessed and surveillance-engulfed condition by surreptitiously mounting a security camera behind the two-way mirror. Undetectable to passersby, the camera records all movements day and night over the course of the exhibition. The live footage is recorded and displayed on a monitor housed inside a neighboring café. As a result, it is impossible to view the work without it secretly watching you back. This layering of the viewing experience—from the self to the self-reflected to the camera as voyeur—spins an intricate web of eyes, turning all into simultaneous viewers and subjects, cagily watching and being watched.

Arrow Factory, Beijing