To Be or Not To Be


Located on the lawn beside the pathway of Kong Ka Pier, Krabi, Yang Zhenzhong’s imposing installation tests the laws of nature. To Be or Not to Be comprises ten banyan trees planted upside down in a straight line. The naked and entwined roots contradict the natural foliage normally found on tree branches and the typical lush vegetation of Thailand. This is not the artwork’s only paradox. The artist digs the trees from the soil, inverts them and plants their branches in the ground to challenge and probe the capability of both nature and plants to nourish themselves in extreme and abnormal conditions. The logic of the work operates beyond the actual reality to pervade a parallel land where buried trees and intricate root leafage constitute the quotidian landscape.

Aerial video (8Min.)

Aerial video (3Min.)

link: Edge of the Wonderland, Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018