I Will Die

2000 to Date

People of different ages and status make the statement, “I will die”.

This work has more then dozen versions shot from different locations:

Chinese-Shanghai & Hangzhou, 2000;

French-Brussels, 2001

Dutch-Brussels, 2001

Korean-Seoul, 2001

German-Hannover/Braunschweig, 2002

Japanese-Tokyo, 2002

English-San Diego, 2003

Spanish-Tijuana, 2003

Arabic- Beirut, 2005

Italian-Roma, 2005

Russian-Moscow, 2014

online open call, 2016

singers chapter/Braunschweig, 2019

Related exhibitions: 2007 La Biennale di Venezia 52th, 2008 Yang Zhenzhong Solo Exhibition, Impossible, Twenty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art, FRECHEIT/FREIHEIT etc.